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From small scale businesses through large businesses, the backbone of a business telephone system is their PBX, or "Private Branch Exchange." From the rudimentary days of the old plug-in, manually operated switchboard systems, to the vast, feature rich business telephone systems of today - it's more than just a means of communication - the PBX is how your business stays relevant in a fast paced business world. Let's have a look at what it takes to bring this technology into your organization, or upgrade its existing system.

How you will start investing in and integrating a PBX into your corporation depends mostly on what sort of capabilities and services it offers, in addition to how you plan to host it. What sort of internet connectivity does your PBX will need? Would you gain more from maintaining it at your office, or having a 3rd party host it? What sort of infrastructure do you have in place currently, and can you utilize it in the new system?

Addressing some of these concerns is essential to choosing the ideal match for your business, and its PBX. Let's look at an example of a key feature choice that might add a great deal to your company's telephone system, and far too often overlooked.

Employee salaries are the price of doing business. However, paying someone just to answer phones, or taking time away from an otherwise skilled employee to perform this menial task is really a waste of funds. You'll be glad to know that most of the same features can be overseen by many of the business phone systems these days, both cheaper, and better than a human. At the most basic level, these "Auto Attendant" features includes options such as allowing the caller to navigate a (potentially huge) menu system, reach specific extensions or access information recordings. Maybe someday we'll even have a PBX that will brew a pot of coffee...

Having your phone system perform automated tasks can save you time and money. Auto-dialing provides a means for the system to place calls (and more) all on it's own. At the most basic level, many of us associate PBX auto-dialing with robo-calls, or telemarketing. However, the systems can do much more than that, especially when blended with modern technology. For example, sending text messages to cell phones automated for instant and informative personal, departmental, or company-wide alerts and notices. Voicemail from important numbers can be forwarded instantly, and many packages even provide text to speech for reading messages to the recipient, such as crucial e-mails, news or stock alerts, and more.

In the world of business phone systems, standout devices are manufactured by Avaya and Nortel. Not only have they lead the market for a number of years, and their product lines range from small business targeted (though feature rich) low end systems, up through enterprise systems capable of handling thousands of phones, calls, and messages at once.

Avaya (formerly a branch of Lucent) systems virtually all feature strong internet capabilities, with powerful VoIP services built in. This is true in their offerings for all sizes of business, from small to large. Among their offerings are the popular CS-1000 Meridian system, and the higher end CS1500 and CS2100 systems.

Modernizing your current system, or installing your first, it doesn't matter. Upgrading your business phone system to harness the power of the current offerings is a no-brainer. Delving into the features provided by today's PBX systems is exciting and can bring huge rewards in terms of increasing your business's capabilities, productivity, and overall ability to communicate, whether it be with customers, or inter-office communications.

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Popular Nortel Phones

Nortel Digital Doorphone

Enables office personnel to talk directly with visitors prior to their entering a business. When a visitor presses the Call Button, the Norstar system rings the designated phone(s) in an office and allows two-way conversation.

Key Features:

  • Allows two-way conversation between Norstar phone and Doorphone
  • Available in brass or stainless steel, waterproof faceplates
  • Has optional Door Opening Controller (DOC), controlled by pressing softkey
  • Installed and programmed like any Norstar phone
  • Up to four Doorphones accommodated on a Norstar system

Why Pick Your Business Phone Service Provider Carefully Fax messages, e-mails, and voice communications are some of the characteristics included in the business phone services. Additional phone accessories and the extras are sometimes furnished by other telecoms companies. As an alternative if some of the accessories are not provided or furnished by your chosen business phone provider, unlike what was assured then you certainly might want to switch the signal from your personal choice of provider. Your billing procedure for some business phone agencies differ from each other. Some vendors issue payments by each and every phone call designed, while some provide a fixed charging rate every month, depending on the characteristics and package deal that you invested in. Most vendors also include get in touch with forwarding and call ready options in a fixed amount. Meaning, prices do not transform. Call forwarding is among the most necessary service choices you can have. As you may need to often be flexible because you may need to often be "out and about" while you are doing business, it could be important to a person that you stop simply to one phone range, as is true with regular setups. Call up forwarding helps you have calling forwarded to any sort of phone when you choose, together with your cell phone. That way, whenever someone calling the office, you can just answer on your own cell phone, even if you're never "in the office." A lot of experts say that one of the greatest ways to keep a business running with manageable concentrations is by acquiring a small phone services arrangement. Take into account that there are a lot with telephone agencies today with the rapid rise in communication expert services. With the exposure and continuing development of the Internet, at this point comes a whole new business phone system - digital business phone service. It can be subdivided into two classes - small digital and digital. They are split up into two categories since their pricing is different. The small digital is obviously for small business companies which are generally called throughout the States as mama and put startups. The advent of modern technologies have completely totally changed the way business is finished. For one, they have ushered in the era with online money-making projects and home-based enterprises. These start-ups most often have just a small team. Having said that, with the correct marketing and communication resources, these small companies can actually grow. People who have the budget with the get-go usually get small business phone systems, knowing entire well of many advantages. Its competition is ferocious in the present day world of commerce and even tiny and mid-size businesses must take care to be sure they have the most effective communication amenities. There are many different systems available, every one of them give its own array of features in particular suited for the current business requirements. Your phone is your mobile place of work away from your actual office. It has features which can be sure to offer you full business added benefits. It comes with Send for Exchange that allows you to get work e-mails in real-time. Them synchronizes your work emails, contact lenses, calendar, and tasks. Them allows you to revise and view records in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint arrangement. It can connect with the internet by means of Wi-Fi, 3G access, or bring a hub by works PCs.

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